Repairing Your Home Like It’s Our Own

Every day, homes are unfortunately damaged by unexpected events such as leaking pipes, storms, fire, smoke and impact!

We understand that the damage to your home can be distressing and that the Home Insurance claim and repair process can sometimes be a little dauting, as is trying to understand the extent of damage to your home and the quality repairs required.

We appreciate that you will have questions about how your home will best repaired, about what will happen next and about when it will happen. Our seasoned Project Managers will help you to inspect the damage to your home, documenting and photographing the damage and then to prepare a fully detailed scope of repair works for you to discuss with your Insurer.

TheRepairTeam is managed by a team of truly talented and passionate home repair professionals working with our “family” of skilled tradespeople to ensure that your home is quickly repaired like it’s our own with care, efficiency and integrity.

We look forward to repairing your home, call us anytime on 1300-106888 or email action@therepairteam.com.au for any home repair assistance.

“Our Success is in Your Smile”