Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may not have made an insurance claim for damage to your home before and that the claim and repair process may be a new experience to you, so we understand that you will have questions about your claim, about what will happen next and about how your home will be repaired.

We’re happy to help anytime, please call 1300-106-888 for assistance.

To help a little here are a few common customer questions we have heard:

When will the repairs start and how long will the repairs take?

We endeavour to start and complete your repairs quickly, for many straightforward repairs that’s in a matter of days.

However, every home is different and occasionally repairs are delayed whilst matching materials are sourced and manufactured. TheRepairTeam will advise you of any anticipated delay. You may be able to assist us; information about where the damaged material came from and/or who the original supplier was can expidite your repairs.

 Will the replacement materials match?

TheRepairTeam will make all reasonable efforts to match your existing materials and/or finishes.  However, in some instances, an exact match may not be possible. For example, the material may no longer be manufactured or available. Where this circumstance does occur, TheRepairTeam will discuss the available options with you.

Will there be a lot of mess?

Inevitably, building repairs can cause rubble and dust, however we do make every reasonable effort to keep this to a minimum and our tradespeople are instructed to clean up when they have completed their works.

Will my home, floor coverings and furnishings be protected?

Yes, we lay down floor and furniture protection and take every reasonable step to protect your home during our repair works. We will respect your home as it was our own. We will however ask you to move any special collectables and/or items to another area of your home as an additional precaution during our repair works.

My ceilings are wet. What needs to be done?

Our technicians will evaluate moisture content, determine the severity of the damage and may have to remove some of your ceiling for ventilation. Wet insulation can also be a hazard and may need to be removed.

 Will the repairs to my home be done correctly?

TheRepairTeam is passionately committed to repairing your home properly to its pre-loss condition, using first quality materials, installed by experienced tradespeople. If you have any concern at all call our office immediately on 1300-106-888.

 Are repairs to my home guaranteed?

For your peace of mind TheRepairTeam offers a lifetime guarantee for the quality of our workmanship for home repairs that we authorise and arrange. We guarantee our repair workmanship for the lifetime of your home, if a defect does arises as a result of our workmanship, then we will happily rectify the problem.