Common Home Damage Scenarios


Unfortunately, leaking roofs either caused by storm or tree impact or perhaps by a lack of preventive maintenance are a common cause of water damage to properties.

In this case to a beautiful home on the Mornington Peninsula – Small area of water damage to the Lounge room plasterboard ceiling. To repair the damage, we moved the furniture, protected all the floor surfaces, erected a scaffolding, carefully removed and replaced the water damage section of the plasterboard ceiling and then repainted the complete ceiling area. Using our FAST Plaster / Paint process, this repair was completed within 6 hours to our customer’s total satisfaction.

We Learnt a lot during our 30-year Insurance Repair heritage, one of the most important things is to minimise the disruption to our Customer’s lifestyle with less site appointments and quicker repairs.


Leaking water pipes are a common cause of water damage in properties. In this image the copper pipe has appeared to have “corroded” with a build-up of green coloured scaling on the exterior of the pipe.

I have seen this many times before in older homes. However, in this water damage claim, the Customers Bathroom had been fully renovated about 10 years ago. The water pipes are now failing [as you can see in the image] and are also very thing.

The cause of the “corroding” to the copper pipe is inconclusive. Perhaps it’s caused by the chlorine in the water supply? perhaps the copper pipes have been in contact with galvanised iron somewhere? Or perhaps just inferior quality copper pipe?