Home Claim Repairs

For when the unexpected happens

Every day, residential and commercial properties are damaged by Insured events such as leaking pipes, storms, fire, smoke and impact.

Whatever the event may be, TheRepairTeam can help!

TheRepairTeam is managed by a team of truly talented and fully committed property repair professionals, with the knowledge and learnings gained from 30 years of Property Insurance repair experience.

Our seasoned project managers and “family” of skilled tradespeople will happily work, hand in hand with your Insurer and or their representatives to ensure that you receive an exceptional Property Repair experience. 

TheRepairTeam is known for its commitment to our value of customer FIRST and for its innovation in reducing repair inefficiencies and cost, including the following:

  •    Customer FIRST, personalised, individual service
  •    Live 24/7 KPI reporting
  •    Detailed repair quotations, room by room, line by line
  •    Unique unit pricing powered improved trade productivity
  •    Repair data analytics
  •    FAST Plaster/Paint Process
  •    Fixed price Repair guarantee
  •    Lifetime Repair Warranty
  •    Materials Supply Chain Optimisation

Our 30-year heritage is one of innovation, resourcefulness, empathy, and outstanding customer service.

TheRepairTeam focuses on delivering the highest quality services, having created a synergy of excellence, expertise and experience that is second to none. Our passion for quality drives everything we do.

We can assist you with an assessment report including a detailed scope of works describing
the repair works required to your property, item by item, accurately costed to a fixed price.

Our seasoned project managers and skilled tradespeople will happily work, hand in
hand with your chosen Insurer and their representatives to repair your home
professionally using quality materials all with the comfort of a lifetime warranty.

Call us anytime, 1300 106888 or email action@therepairteam.com.au, we’re here to help!